fplot is a python script which uses python tcl/tk libraries (python-tk). Since output files are concerned with quantities defined in the three-dimensional domain, it is useful to cut such data in slices along the three different axis.

fplot does exactly this, or better, given the input file, the plane through which the cut has to be done, and the coordinate of the plane, it produces an output file which is read and visualized by gnuplot.












The cut plane is specified by means of the radio buttom, while the coordinate and the file name of the ViDES output file are specified in the input box.
To plot, just push the plot! button.
Imagine can also be rotated. If this not happens, add the following line to the .gnuplot file in the user’s home :

set mouse on

As can be noted, there is also another input field which appears in the GUI.
In such a field gnuplot commands can be specified, and take effect only when the ON radio button on the right is setup. If for example a colormap of the plot wants to be displayed, the following commands have to be written :

set pm3d map; unset surf; rep

The colormap will be shown after pressing the plot! button.